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 We offer EFFECTIVE Solutions

We have stood the test of time by being around since 1929. We will do more than just offer solutions. We will be there for the implementation and effective delivery of the HR solutions.

Solutions will be FEASIBLE …

EFC has a membership of over 500 employers. Our Professional staff is contacted everyday on numerous issues ranging from legal, IR to HR. The solutions we give are practical and would be in line with company 

..and of course…CUSTOMIZED Solutions!

We know each organization is different from the other; You are guaranteed solutions to suit your objectives.

(EFC Members Only)

Expert Advice

 Make an appointment and meet one of our team members for a consultation on any legal, non – legal, complex or day-to-day operational human resource issues.   


Quick Review 

Use our free quick review service. This service enables you to get your HR policies, Letters of appointment and any other related document which can be reviewed in or under one hour to be reviewed by an expert for no cost at all. 



1.  HR Audits

Are your employment practices helping you to achieve your business goals?

An HR audit will evaluate HR policies and procedures for legal compliance and best employer practices. Determine if your organization’s human resources function is current with today’s employment practices through an HR audit.

This will include: 

•           A Strategy Review

•           A process and documentation review of all HR processes and practices

•           A sample climate survey 

•           A gap Identification and way forward Report 

•           Prioritized action plan


2. Salary & Benefits Surveys

Want to know what your competitors pay their employees?

Remuneration is the top most motivator for attracting engaging and retaining top talent. We can help you stay up-to-date on current industry compensation packages. Our experience of over 80 years in salary negotiations, research on salary and fringe benefits and working with more than 500 employers makes us a trusted entity for market data. 

A compensation survey will help organizations on critical decisions of 

•           Employee benefits        

•           Employee retention

•           Budget planning              

 •          Hiring employees 

•           Employee pay and recognition

•           Market pricing jobs and salary range decisions.


3. Compiling an Employee Handbook 

An employee handbook should serve as a good communication tool for your employees. Whilst setting out work rules and ethics it should also provide an overview of the goals and objectives of the organization. A well drafted employee handbook will also be able to instill a desire in new employees to be part of your team. 

Consult us to make your handbook into more than just a guideline.


4. Job Descriptions

The best job descriptions are living, breathing documents that are updated as responsibilities change. They do not limit employees, but rather, cause them to stretch their experience, grow their skills, and develop their ability to contribute within their organization. We can assist in identifying the Key Result Areas of your job positions.   


5. Climate Surveys

Are you having high employee turnover? 

Low productivity ? Low morale? 

- A climate survey can help you check the perceptions of your employees.

-  Increase efficiencies of processes through fresh and different perspectives

-  Employee harmony will lead to increased productivity. 

- We can help you diagnose your organizations health through a Climate Survey. 



We offer a range of other fee- based services on; 


1.      Workforce Planning : 

·         New work arrangement options

·         Recruitment 

·         Job evaluations/bands 


2.      HR Effectiveness : 

·         Climate surveys 

·         Job Fairs 


3.      Performance and Development: 

·         Appraisals

·         Training and Development Plans 

·         Training Needs Analysis

·         Performance Management Systems


4.      Remuneration and Rewards : 

·         Variable Pay Plans

·         Designing Incentive schemes




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