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Wednesday, 23 September 2020 12:37

The development of new standards relating to working from home and distant locations, while ensuring work-life balance for employees as well as a modular approach for restructuring still stand to benefit all employers across the country said Vish Govindasamy, the Group Managing Director of Sunshine Holdings, who was appointed as Chairman of the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) for 2020/21.


Furthermore, partnerships with experts in other areas linked to employment such as finance and health have enabled us to provide services to a vibrant membership who has favoured a one-stop service approach.

“We are currently exploring the possibility of providing services in the areas of taxation, business registration and potential value-added startups. Our efforts not only ensured the sustainability of businesses but also the livelihoods of many valued employees,” Govindasamy opined.

As the national employers’ organisation, Govindasamy emphasised that the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon is placed in a unique position, not only to represent the interest of its members and the employers in general but also to be involved in formulating national policies in respect of all matters relating to employment, labour law, and human capital development in Sri Lanka. “The federation has, over the years, contributed to the socio-economic development of this country by ensuring industrial harmony. As the employers’ constituent in the International Labour Organisation (ILO), EFC has not only propagated values of the ILO Conventions but also being a practitioner of social dialogue in a manner that reflects our commitment in such ideals. The recently-concluded tripartite agreement to pro-rate wages is one such initiative,” said Govindasamy.

“I am assuming the chairmanship at a time when the country is faced with many hardships owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, but I am looking forward to steering this ship safely to its shore. I would like to see this opportunity more optimistically. It is the beginning of a new era where all of us must think and act differently, and the world of work is not an exception,” said Govindasamy.

He also said the new government under the leadership of the President had created new opportunities for EFC to further the interest of all the employers and to formulate new policies to create an enabling environment.  “This includes the implementation of the much-needed reforms for our labour market.”

“We will continue to extend our support to the state in its efforts to create gainful employment opportunities while ensuring the welfare and development of those whom we employ.”

“We also welcome the emphasis put forth to enhance productivity and competitiveness bythe new Minister of Labour as these are essential elements for businesses to thrive in a post-COVID world,” Govindasamy said. During the lockdown period, Govindasamy asserted that the secretariat has continued to assist members through aportfolio of services. 

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