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Monday, 27 July 2020 10:30
In a bid to enable companies wider accessibility to HR and legal solutions , advisory services and training in a landscape of unprecedented challenges fuelled by the global pandemic, the Employers’ Federation of Ceylon (EFC) has launched a series of interventions. The services which are open to both EFC members and non-members, are also geared in meeting business and workplace demands to suit the ‘new normalcy’ shaped by the COVID pandemic. The solutions encompassing HR, Legal and Training, are customized to be delivered to employers in a virtual environment as means of mitigating the health threats the pandemic entails. 

Head of Solutions (HR & Legal) and the Assistant Director General of the EFC, Sewwandi Jayatunga Wijesekera states that, with the objective of catering to specific business requirements of each client, the EFC’s Solutions Division drafts policies for remote work/work from home arrangements and also reviews such policies which are already devised by companies. “In this process, we also offer advice on remote work, alternative work mechanisms, work-life balance and handing crisis within crisis. In addition we also offer advice on restructuring  of work, minimizing lay off and maximizing productivity as well as Work/Motion Studies for reengineering of the business processes, ” notes Wijesekera. Risk Assessment for Resumption of Work by qualified and certified OSH Auditors, OSH audits and ergonomics related Audits are also provided.
All these services are now offered at concessionary rates considering the crisis situation which prevails and the EFC members are entitled to further discounts. 

Commenting on the positive engagement the company has had with the EFC’s Solutions Division, Head of Human Resources, Link Natural Products (Pvt) Ltd, Gihan Vidanagama avers: “we have harnessed the EFC’s Solutions for three projects so far. The EFC’s expertise in the Process Improvement Project helped us to improve the efficiency of the operations in production and other functional areas of the management. The competency-based system which included both technical and behavioural competencies required for company employees at managerial/ executive and non-executive level tremendously helped to revamp the Performance Management System. The EFC’s expertise in developing the skills required for conducting effective performance appraisal discussions among those who are responsible for appraising the performance of their subordinates further boosted our Training aspect related to Performance Management System.” 

The EFC’s Training Division conducted a series of webinars free of charge under the broad theme of ‘Business Continuity’ to assist the private sector members during the island-wide lockdown. All these webinars, as the Assistant Director General (Advisory Services)/ Head of Training, EFC, Yashoravi Bakmiwewa remarks, were delivered by experts in each field. A special webinar on mental health during the pandemic and coping strategies, was also held with the participation of some of the top professionals in the country. 

“Once the lockdown was lifted and work resumed, we took steps to conduct our well attended Certificate Course in Labour Law and Industrial Relations, in a virtual environment. The course is to commence in August. Several more webinars under the banner- ‘Managing a crisis within a crisis’, to discuss re-negotiating employment terms whilst marinating employee engagement, cessation of employment including successfully rolling out a VRS, virtual working and ergonomics for work from home are also lined up,” says Bakmiwewa, adding that the EFC also undertakes customized trainings as per the request of companies- both in house as well as on-line.
Applauding the online training experience Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd had with the EFC, Senior Manager, Human Resources, Mobitel (Pvt) Ltd, Rikaza Faiz says that the initiative was both timely and elicited an overwhelming feedback from the participants who found it insightful and informative. The training sessions on ‘Employee Misconduct and Disciplinary Procedure for Line Managers’ were conducted by the EFC early this month through online Cisco WebEx Application. “The decision to conduct these sessions online, considering the risk associated with the pandemic situation in the country and further considering the practical difficulty in bringing these Line Managers who are posted across the country to one location, was a very proactive move and we look forward to similar engagements with the EFC in future,” she remarks. 
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