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Three Great Stalwarts of the Employers Federation – Scott Dirckze, S K Wickremasinghe and Sri Nagendra. PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 06 July 2020 15:28


I would like to pay tribute to these three gentlemen and hope the EFC will not forget what they did for the institution. I believe that Sri who passed away some hours ago was the Council member who served the third longest period – 2years and held office I think under four different CEO’s. He was also the Chairman during my tenure as CEO, when the office was builtand commissionedWe served together on the IDL Board subsequently and strangely, I resigned on the 30th June and he passed away a few days later!


Scott Dirckze was a Council member and a Trustee for many years and his wit and wisdom was always a breath of fresh air which we welcomed. He was already a trustee when I was appointed CEO and truly believed that there were areas in which the Secretariat knew more than him, despite his vast experience in management. He always took advice on Labour related matters and was a great friend of the EFC. He served George Steuart’s when it was still one of the leading companies in the country. His contribution to the Council and Board of Trustees was quite substantial.


SK as he was popularly called was always treated with some awe by us as he was the scion of a true legend, Martin Wickramasinghe. I remember that when I was still the Deputy to Sriyan de Silva when he contacted me about some matter, I found that he was very analytical in his thinking and would prefer to be conservative in his outlookHe was always conscious of the need for Boards to adopt terms which others considered frugal, but which we admired, as the best practice.He was a Trustee during a crucial period which spanned the first time when applications were called for the post of deputy, in the face of a possible court case on alleged discrimination (which of course never came to Court as Counsel advised the other party that there were no grounds); to the time I was CEO and we were building the new Secretariat. Having built a new office for his company, CIC, he advised the Board to use the advice of an independent consultant engineer which turned out to be a great advantage to the EFC, as the consultant was a bridge between the contractor and the architect and ironed out so many likely confrontationsSK was always bold in his views and would speak out his mind. When I was on the Board of CIC, he had retired but continued as an adviser as he had much value to add through his knowledge of the organization. I was so happy to have had a personal relationship with him in later life. We had a group of four who were associated with CIC and met regularly for lunch, the highlight of which usually were the tales SK related of his days as Ambassador in the UK and many other leading roles for the country

I salute the three gentlemen for having given their best for the development and stability of the EFC. One notable feature of their association with the organization was that although they personally had huge empires which they commanded so astutely and with passion, they always respected the Secretariat as a unique body with the requisite talents to give services to all members including their companies without interfering with the actual running of the work. They knew the value of true delegation and were there to give their advice and leave the execution to the Secretariat 


Franklyn Amerasinghe (Director General / CEO, EFC – 1990-2000)

6th July 2020



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